Comic Book Collection: Series 1: Edit

Comic Number: Title: Publish Date: Summary:
02 Alien Attack July 10, 2012 Aliens attack the town and decide to see who is the best alien in the galaxy.
03 Monster Hunting July 17, 2012 A monster goes on the loose and a team of monster hunters go out and catch the monster.
04 Body Swap Pt.2 July 24, 2012 While then, Brendan in Nicole's body goes a comic convention, meanwhile Nicole in Brendan's body tries to find help to switch them back.
05 Chair Talk July 31, 2012 A sitcom show stars about this weird chair that can talk, and a man that wealthy rich.
06 Eat This Cookie! August 6, 2012 A weird cookie comes to life and forces kids to eat him.

Comic Book Collection: Series 2: Edit

Comic Number: Title: Publish Date: Summary:
07 The Adventures of Tornado Dude! August 13, 2012 A weird new series of a superhero who has mystical powers.

NOTE: This is a parody of Superman.

08 Back To School! August 20, 2012 A news reporter talks about how kids should be ready for school.

NOTE: This is the last comic going to be published on Tuesdays.

09 Autumn September 21, 2012 A kid tries to commemorate the season: Autumn.
10 The Haunted Jack-O Lantern October 5, 2012 A haunted jack-o lantern comes to life and tries to steal trick-or-treators Halloween candy.

NOTE: Halloween Special

11 Zombie Attack! October 12, 2012 A giant lightning bolt strikes a graveyard and causes zombies to come to life.

NOTE: Halloween Special

12 Murderer In The House October 19, 2012 A murderer causes havoc by murdering a man and an investigation crew comes and tries to find out who did it.

NOTE: Halloween Special

13 Body Swap Pt.3 October 26, 2012 Nicole in Brendan's body finds this wizard and asks his help to switch her back, while at home Brendan in Nicole's body tries to make her act weird to her family.
14 Camping Outside October 26, 2012 A boy and his dog get lost in the woods and meet new treacheries.

NOTE: This comic was supposed to be published on July 10, 2012 but it was pulled.

15 Return of The Weird Cookie October 31, 2012 Previously, a weird cookie came to life and forced kids to eat him. But now he's back! One day when a boy visited the graveyard a thunderbolt striked and hit the grave, causing it to come to life. The weird cookie became alive again, and forced kids to have their brains eaten.

NOTE: Halloween Special

NOTE: This comic was going to be published on November 2, 2012 but it got pulled to October 31, 2012.

NOTE: This comic was broken into two parts.

Part 1 of 2

16 Vampires Suck October 31, 2012 A boy goes trick-or-treating for candy while a vampire bites him for saying that vampires suck. Which he causes trouble by biting kids. But apparently two kids try to stop him.

NOTE: Halloween Special

NOTE: This comic was going to be published on November 2, 2012 but it got pulled to October 31, 2012.

NOTE: This is the last comic in the 2nd series.

Part 2 of 2

Comic Book Collection: Series 3: Edit

This series has 40 comics.

Comic Number: Title: Publish Date: Summary:
17 Art Is Perfect January 25, 2013 An artist makes a painting for a museum keeper but the museum keeper doesn't approve of his work.
18 Weird Dream February 1, 2013 A boy dreams of a dream where anything comes true.
19 Love Is Precious February 15, 2013 A boy falls in love with a girl on Valentine's Day.
20 Battle of The Bands March 1, 2013 A band gets into a fight and must beat the other band.
21 Swearing March 8, 2013 A boy talks about swearing.
22 Project Girl Exo-naut Pt.1 March 15, 2013 A scientist tries to defend earth from evil. So he tests a girl wearing an exo-suit.
23 Muffin Juggling March 22, 2013 A man tries to beat a man at muffin juggling.
24 New Car March 29, 2013 A fancy man gets a new car, but doesn't end up well.
25 What I Am Awesome At (Official Music Video) March 30, 2013 Robin makes his first official music video.

NOTE: This comic was to celebrate Robin Punzalan's birthday.

26 Sand Castles April 5, 2013 A kid teases a girl's sand castle and he learns not to make fun of sand castles again.
27 Body Swap Pt.4 April 12, 2013 A madman tries to kidnap Nicole in Brendan's body, while Brendan in Nicole's body challenges Fionna to a swimming battle.
28 Attack of The Mutant TVS April 19, 2013 A man unleashes an army of mutant tvs to attack the town.
29 Buy Knifes! April 26, 2013 A commercial talks about buying knifes and stabbing your friends.
30 Project Girl Exo-naut Theme Song May 3, 2013 A music video about the theme song for Project Girl Exo-Naut.
31 Robots May 10, 2013 A film about robots.
32 Stop Bullying May 17, 2013 A man talks about how you stop and prevent bullying.
33 The World's Best Genius May 22, 2013 A boy becomes the smartest person on earth.
34 Body Swap Pt.5 May 29, 2013 Brendan gets trapped, and tries to get out. Meanwhile, Brendan in Nicole's body goes to mess with her body by shaking her boobs in public, walking funny, and getting sexy.
35 The Ancient Treasure, Part 1 June 5, 2013 An explorer named, Larry and his assistant Valerie explore the deep caves until they get lost.
36 The Magic Lamp June 12, 2013 A boy finds this magic lamp and gets a magic genie.
37 The Voodo Doctor June 26, 2013 A mysterious voodo doctor makes a man into a lady.
38 The Ancient Treasure, Part 2: The Great Escape July 3, 2013 Larry and Valerie try to escape and found a way. But get stuck in a maze.
39 Broken Door July 8, 2013 A advirtisement talks about buying a new door.
40 Dentist Appointment July 9, 2013 A boy goes to a dentist appointment, but has trouble with his teeth.
41 The Ancient Treasure, Part 3: The Finale, Part 1 July 10, 2013 The concluding part to The Ancient Treasure. Larry and Valerie must make it before the maze closes up. They escaped, and got the treasure. But how will they escape out?
42 The Ancient Treasure, Part 3: The Finale, Part 2: A Way Out July 12, 2013 The last part of The Ancient Treasure. Larry and Valerie must find another way out. And they did. And that was it. THE END!
43 Construction Carpenters July 19, 2012 Two men get a job at building as a carpenter and don't end up well.
44 Pokemon Jerk July 26, 2012 A real hero comes and acts like a jerk to his pokemon.

Comic Book Collection: Series 4: Edit

This series has 20 comics. The series 4 comic collection series is going to come out in Summer 2014! The series is going to begin with the episode "Body Swap Pt.6". It is uknwon when it is going to air.

Comic Number: Title: Publish Date: Summary:
58 Body Swap Pt.6 Summer 2014 Brendan in Nicole's body goes and find a hot lady, and Fionna (Nicole's sister), suspects that Nicole is acting strange.

Comic Book Collection: Series 5: Edit

This series has ??? comics. The series will be also having a crossover comic coming soon.

Special Series: Edit

This is the list for the special series.

Comic Number: Title: Publish Date: Summary:
N/A Fourth of July July 4, 2012 A comic about celebrating the Fourth of July.